Cars Your Kids Will Love and You’ll Feel Comfortable Letting Them Drive

One of the more difficult things to do as a parent is to let your son or daughter drive a motor vehicle. However, that is a very real and necessary thing that you’ll have to eventually do, so you better get used to the idea. But the thing is, there are plenty of cars out there that will make you feel safe knowing they are safe, and that they won’t be embarrassed to drive. It’s a fine line that you have to walk, because you don’t want your kid resenting the car you get them because that leads to bad decisions, and you don’t want to cater to their selfish whim wanting a sports car, because that will lead to other bad decisions. So here are some cars that your kid will love and you’ll feel comfortable letting them drive.

1. Ford Fusion


The great new Ford Fusion is a perfect car for parents and kids alike. You will be happy knowing your child is in a safe and reliable car. You can look at all the options the Fusion has online at before taking your prized child to the dealer in person to test drive one. The Fusion gets incredible gas mileage, which will save both of you money if you have to end up paying for their gas too, those ingrates! It has airbags everywhere you could possibly want, and on top of that, it doesn’t go zero to sixty in anywhere near 6 seconds, so you’re good to let them floor it and have the sense of power that comes with flooring a brand new car, but none of the danger. If you find one you like on, go ahead and snag it now for your kid!
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Going Solo: Smart Ideas for the Single Mom Who is Moving

Moving is a tough proposition for any family and even tougher for a single mom who has to go it alone, just her and the kids. Whether your family is a small one or requires a 12 passenger van rental to get from point A to B, here are a few simple tips for the single mom to help make the moving process less stressful.


Have a Plan

Nothing gets the ball rolling better than getting organized and having a plan. It will serve to calm Mom’s nerves and allay the fears of the kids for the process to be organized and well ordered. Label everything before the move. It helps if your labels include not only what is in the boxes but what rooms they are intended for upon reaching your new home. The movers will appreciate this and it will make things go much more smoothly for everyone concerned. Oh, and don’t forget to tip the movers. They’ll appreciate the $10 or $20 tips and little kindnesses like that (and providing lunch) can go a long way to help ensure excellent service.

Play it Safe

As a single mom, you have an especially strong reason to do your homework and make the move as safe as possible. Research moving companies and rental companies before the move and know their reputations before making any commitments. Be forewarned that during the busiest time of the year in the summer months many moving companies hire temporary workers. They may not be as well vetted or reliable as long-term employees. Don’t forget to change the locks once you’re safely moved into your new home. After all, you have no way of knowing how many people have an old set of keys.
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The Little Things You ABSOLUTELY Know About Cars…That Aren’t Actually True

Our knowledge of cars is constantly improving as the years go by. After a while, we amass a wealth of information regarding vehicles which we know, for a fact, that it is true. However, facts can sometimes be deceiving and even the most definitive things you thought you knew can turn out to be false. Here are a few pertinent examples.

1. Premium-grade fuel is better than regular
Technically, this is true, but only in certain situations. Most people think that their cars run smoother or even faster with high octane fuel, but this is not the case. If the fuel is higher-octane, this simply means that it will not have pre-ignition problems as often and this is beneficial, but only in certain situations such as with high-compression engines. In most common scenarios, money spent on premium-grade fuel is just money wasted.

DTLA Nissan-3-1

2. ABS improves stopping distance
Out of all the technology that has made its way to cars over the last decade or so, ABS is touted as one of the most useful and it is definitely prevalent in all modern cars. However, people incorrectly think that ABS will shorten the stopping distance. As the name suggests, anti-lock braking actually prevents the brakes from locking up when you are braking as hard as possible, allowing you to steer the car at the same time.
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Soft, Snuggly, and Cozy Must-Haves for Keeping Warm This Winter


As the winter fast approaches, it is important to get yourself ready for the cold weather. Don’t dread the winter; be prepared, with the cold-weather musts.

1. A 4WD Vehicle


A must have for anywhere that gets bad weather is a 4WD vehicle like the Nissan Pathfinder, sold by Nissan Rialto
. With seating for seven, you can carry all of the family around and with extras like a remote starter; you can make sure that your car is warmed up when you are ready to go. With optional leather seats, you can keep your car cleaner in the wet and cold. Check out all the features of the Pathfinder at Metro Nissan Montclairtoday.
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4 Road-Tested Beasts Guaranteed to Get Your Band to Gigs on Time

The worst phone call anyone ever has to make is to the venue an hour before load-in with the news that your band is broken down four hours outside of town and you’re going to have to cancel the gig. Not only will you lose the money you would have made and missed out on getting new fans, but you’ll have to repair the thing and be out of pocket all the more. If you are serious about your band and your career you’ll want to get one of these road worn beasts that will guarantee you a safe trip to your gig with all your gear.

1. Dodge Ram Wagon

What the Dodge Ram Wagon has going for it is it has the best gas mileage of any of its competitors. Add to that a dependability rating at or above the competitors, and you have a workhorse ready to take the band on the road. But why don’t you see a lot of bands in Rams? That’s because they have a reputation for being unreliable. That’s probably outdated now, and the newer Rams are going to be your best bang for your buck, since Dodge figured out a lot of the kinks, and because of the reputation, you can get a better deal on a lightly used Ram. Also the logo, ram horns, is very cool. You can’t go wrong focusing on cool when you’re in a band.

2. Chevrolet Express 3500

Another popular means of getting to the gig on time is the Chevy Express. Perhaps not the best name for a behemoth monster like what the Express is, it makes up for itself in greater space for gear and merch and band members. This whale is both longer and wider than the other vans on the list, which gives more perceived value: you sit higher than them on the highway, and as you pass you can look at the side of your eyes in a mocking, condescending fashion, which is always fun. Check out the specifics of these and see if you can get a good deal on a used one here:
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